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Session Topics

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Keynote Day 1

IoT, the Evolution and Disruption in Our Industry - Insights and Opinions

Over the course of the last 5 years, there has been a major movement that has impacted the commercial building and facilities world. And that is IoT. During this period, buildings have undergone an unprecedented transformation from traditional building systems to high-performance, technology-enabled facilities. But that's nothing compared to what's ahead.

The IoT revolution is impacting every aspect of business - and it is causing a disruptive change in how we manage and operate buildings. With the ability to connect and pull data from thousands of devices, sensors and points, building operations have become highly data-driven.

The Internet of Things is transforming the way we work and live. IoT technologies are enabling organizations to create new business models and transform customer engagements.

In this General Session, we will hear two perspectives; one from the point of view of an industry analyst, and the other a leading technology provider. We will hear what they have say about:

  • Where does building automation systems fit in an Internet of Things World?
  • What are the possibilities that IoT holds for the build environment?
  • What does it take to successfully innovate and execute in IoT?
  • Will IoT help cut building automation costs?
  • How do you capture the real value of IoT?
  • What do I need to participate and succeed?
  • What's now versus what's next?


Keynote Day 2

Expressing the True Value of Energy Projects Using Your Customers' Own Yardsticks

A bounty of post-upgrade interviews and countless megabytes of industry-specific data are helping to connect the dots between energy-saving projects and highly desirable business outcomes that extend far beyond lower utility bills. This fast-paced session will explore examples taken from many different market segments and demonstrate how enhanced efficiency and control can drive core business benefits. It will continue with suggestions for similarly "connecting the dots" as you approach your own customers, regardless of the segment. Reframing the benefits of energy solutions using segment-specific jargon, sound bites and profit margins will not only help you get new projects approved, but also provide opportunities to reopen previously ignored or rejected ones.


Business Track

Mastering the One-Page Proposal for Energy Projects

It takes focus and discipline to produce a great project proposal – one that not only captures your prospect's attention, but also motivates action. A winning proposal resonates with the reader's values. It emphasizes the "why" more than the "what," "how," "how much," or "when." You'll discover the key elements of a one-page proposal, learn how to distill your project into a compelling single page, and have the opportunity to have your own sample proposal constructively critiqued. If you've ever had a worthwhile proposal rejected – or worse yet, ignored – you need to attend this session!

The Edge

The building automation industry has gone through a variety paradigm shifts in the last 20 years. We have gone from disconnected analog devices to integrated IP-centric solutions to the cloud and now, edge devices. People are now saying that not everything needs to go to the cloud and that much of the processing and analytics can be done at the device level, with only portfolio relevant data sent to the cloud. As the fundamental architecture of a smart building portfolio evolves, it is critical for those responsible to stay abreast of the discussion and debate. This session will focus on this most important topic, the edge and its role in today's built environment.

OT and IT – Closing the Gap

There was once a time when IT and building operations had no reason to talk. IT used to be about printers and workstations, and operations handled buildings systems such as HVAC and lighting. However, this evolving. Recently this separation of powers is radically changing. Smarter building equipment, the increased adoption of building networks, IoT and the increased visibility of issues such as cybersecurity and privacy are bringing these two worlds together. At the core of this evolution is how IT and OT contribute to the enterprise and how IT and OT collaborate and work together. This session explores how the worlds of OT and IT are closing and coming together and driving better outcomes.

Smart Buildings Boot Camp Abbreviated Presented by Intelligent Buildings

We hear and talk a lot about smart buildings. Converting a traditional building into a smart building can be a challenging task. Transforming a portfolio or campus is an even greater. While the benefits of energy and sustainability, operational efficiency and an enhanced occupant experience are compelling, even the most experienced commercial, corporate and institutional organizations sometimes do not know where to start.

Over the last six years, this Boot Camp by Intelligent Buildings has provided professionals a step-by-step guide on where to begin. Defining a smart building, developing a strategy and assembling a smart building team are just a few of the topics to be discussed. This session provides the fundamental groundwork for a better understanding about smart buildings and provide takeaways and practices you can use every day.

Securing Facilities for Today's Cyber World

Cyber security continues to be growing concern. When it comes to our building systems, while they were once separate, they are now firmly integrated within company network infrastructures. While these systems provide significant benefits, they also can expose companies to greater cybersecurity risks.

Traditional building systems were not originally designed for today's cyber threat landscape. No one expected these systems to be accessible from the outside world, inviting easy access for those looking to do harm. In addition to securing the systems of yesterday and today, we must now be ready to fend off threats from the newest of technologies impacting our facilities, the Internet of Things (IoT.) It promises to connect all devices in a building, expanding way beyond HVAC, lighting and access control. This strategic session will take a comprehensive look at all levels of building technology requiring cyber governance, including IoT. 

Intelligent Buildings in the Digital Age, Discussion and Perspectives from Consultants

The way we design, build, operate and use our real estate is changing rapidly in today's digital age. IT and building systems are more quickly converging than ever before and is giving the real estate industry innovative tools and possibilities to re-imagine buildings. At this informative session, learn how to create spaces that are better utilized, safer and healthier, support more productive work, and deliver unprecedented experiences for our future generations (who simply will demand it).

Data & Analytics Presented by Connexx Energy, SkyFoundry and Project Haystack (Track within a Track)

This avalanche of data available today from conventional building systems and the newest generation of IoT devices brings a host of new opportunities as well as issues and questions. Deriving value from the data and ownership and governance, security, business models and service offerings are all addressed in this important track. The building data and analytics discussion has been progressing for about the last five years-install a network, connect devices and the data begins to flow. In some cases, this can result in billions of data samples being collected. We are now searching for the highest and best use of data to deliver value.

As we have learned to collect and analyze the data, we are now searching for the highest and best use. Do we focus on energy, operations, productivity or all the above? Getting the right data to solve the most apparent business problems is a key part of the challenge. These sessions will provide insight into a number of topics including:

  • Integrating Data and Analytics into Your Offerings
  • What makes a Good Data Management Plan and Strategy?
  • Getting your Hands on the Data
  • I've Got the Data, Now What?
  • Project Haystack. What is it and why is it important to you? (Benefits and Value for Integrators and End Users)
  • Building & Facility Analytics
  • The Edge, the Fog, Lakes and the Cloud, they all have a role
  • Data Visualization-communicating results to support the workflow and value delivery process
  • Real World Stories/Best Practices

The Energy Climate

Whether because of lower and more predictable costs, or a desire to lower usage, energy management continues to be extremely prominent with building operators and facility directors. They are continuing to look for ways to reduce energy consumption, maximize use and shrink their structures environmental footprint. Building controls in energy-using equipment such as heating and cooling systems can decrease energy use and improve building operations.

Energy management plays a significant role in delivering this as well as even a greater role in overall operational efficiency. In this highly informative session, you'll learn about today's energy climate, hear about some real-world examples and learn about the top energy management trends for the rest of this year and beyond.

Ancillary Products

Lynxspring empowers partners and their customers to take control of technology and have true choice through solutions and best in breed ancillary products across a common platform. Lynxspring offers a suite of ancillary products that are designed and tested to meet the demands of today's requirements and specifications. In this session, you will hear the latest directly from some of these partners including the What, Why, Benefits, and How to Apply It, and Selling Tips.

Value-Added Applications

Lynxspring's JENEsys® is a building operating system that combines connectivity, integration and interoperability, supervision and control, energy management, visualization and actionable information (data & analytics) into an integrated architecture within a cyber-secured environment. As part of this building operating system Lynxspring offers a suite of value-added applications that further enhance the platform. In this session, you will hear the latest directly from some of the application providers including the What, Why, Benefits and How to Apply It, and Selling Tips.

Best Practices/Case Histories/Lessons Learned

In this session, Lynxspring's technology and solution providers will share stories of their implementations and deployments and discuss their strategies, best practices and lessons learned.

You Asked. We Built It.

This session provides a look at some of the special "can you do's", appliances and applications Lynxspring's Contract Services has built and developed.


Technology Track

Think Inside the Box

This session unveils Lynxspring's new Onyxx® Application Independent Platform (OAIP) and demonstrates how you can develop on it to connect nearly any device or application to the Internet quickly, securely and seamlessly.

What's Up with Niagara?

This session is devoted to the Niagara Framework. With the release of Niagara 4.3 and its enhancements that make it easier to manage and deploy templates, along with several other new features, this session looks at this latest release which includes a Backup as a Service (BaaS), Niagara Analytics 2.0u2, with analytic chart enhancements, the JACE® 8000 IO R in both a module. In addition, the presenter(s) will provide a look at future development plans for the technology. In addition, the discussion will provide an overview of the latest with Niagara Analytics and Enterprise Security.

The JENEsys® Edge™ 534. An HVAC Equipment Controller and More.

This session looks at how the JENEsys® Edge™ is being used as an HVAC equipment controller with built-in graphics, schedules, trends and more.

What's Next? The Lynxspring Product Roadmap

Lynxspring is a company where ideas and imagination empower people to create, manufacture, deliver and support innovative solutions - connecting people and devices in a responsible way which improves quality of life. Get a front row seat as Lynxspring executives discuss the company's product and technology roadmap and associated business benefits and provide a look ahead to what's next.

Niagara, Onyxx and JENEsys® Edge™ Short Cuts and Best Practices

A variety of Niagara, Onyxx, Edge short cuts and best practices are shared by Lynxspring's Technical Support and Training teams.


Plus additional ones to come.