Jake Niemann has been working in the software and hardware engineering fields for 13 years. He spent seven years as Senior Software Engineer for Midwest Medical Consultants. He has spent the last seven years working as Director of R&D for Lynxspring, Inc.

Jake attended Electronics Institute, where he received his associate’s in computer programming. Immediately following graduation, he went to work at Midwest Medical Consultants.

Within his seven years at Lynxspring, he has developed or contributed to several projects based on the Onyxx Platform and the Niagara Framework, including work on the JENEsys Edge 100, JENEsys Edge 534, Cellular Router and the Modbus to BACnet bridge.

Jake has designed and developed numerous Software applications in the medical, computer-aided drafting, HVAC, electrical, and public utility fields. Some of the custom applications include prescription logging software, document scanning and logging software, video surveillance software, automated CAD drawing software, manufacturing plant management application, water meter reading application with GPS, and custom lighting control software with music interface. In addition to software applications, Jake has developed several custom hardware devices. Some of his devices include a custom lighting control system with proprietary RS-485 communication protocol; a temperature monitoring system using TCP/IP protocol with built-in webserver and alerting via SMS text message; a custom HVAC sequencer with smart logic to provide maximum efficiency; and custom USB devices with associated MS Windows drivers.

During his career, Jake has also had experience with many different programming languages, databases, engineering tools, APIs, and miscellaneous projects. Some to note are DirectX, 3D graphics, Web services, SQL server, advantage database, low-level Ethernet interfacing, troubleshooting electronic devices, and circuit board prototyping.