Roberta Gamble has more than 17 years of expertise consulting Global 1000 companies on market entry and expansion strategy, brand and demand, geographical expansion strategies, and new market entry.

Roberta oversees a team of analysts and consultants with expertise across the energy and environment value chain, including oil & gas, power generation, power grids, energy storage, buildings, and water infrastructure. Her own research and expertise has focused on:

• The convergence of IT and OT across oil & gas and power

• Digital transformation of power grid

• Smarter cities

Roberta has headlined numerous key industry events and has been quoted and interviewed in national publications including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and NPR.

Roberta is a Partner and Vice President at Frost & Sullivan, as well as the Global Business Unit Leader for the Energy and Environment team, which has over 100 analysts and consultants worldwide covering global energy, environment and infrastructure markets.