Having always been interested in making things and fixing things, Ged Tyrrell knew he always wanted to be an engineer.

He completed his controls apprenticeship at Trend, where he learned a lot from his peers there and was given enough slack to be creative in problem solving, as well as making a few mistakes (to learn from). Ged then went on to a Systems Integrator (E2), where he did a few big integration roll outs and got involved with a few big shopping centers in the days of Windows 3.1 and 486 computing. He saw Building Systems Integration as the next progression in the way the company interact, control, and monitor their buildings so he started Tyrrell Systems Ltd in 1998 with that vision in mind. He started to enjoy the business aspect more and leadership in particular and he have learned a lot from great coaches, inspirational speakers, and books.

Tyrrell Products was established in 2012 to distribute all the best software and hardware they developed in the engineering business to other engineering companies to use all over the world. They have a great team of developers and have some innovative products, which are tried and tested, designed to do the job. They now have a network of more than 20 approved Systems Integrators in the UK and the Middle East and see continuous growth each year. Ged likes people and likes to share knowledge and experience and always strives to make the world a better place in everything he does.